People's Types


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One thing I have always wondered, is what makes people like the things they like, espeacially when it comes to relationships. Why, for example, during sex, do some men like to be dominated by the woman, whereas other men like to be the ones in control. What causes the difference in preference?


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There's probably a lot of things that go into what accounts for preference. I know a few lesbians that are only lesbians because all of the boyfriends that they've had have physically abused them and they finally just said "to hell with all men!"

I'm sure that there are some things that are genetic, like what kind of physical appearance you want your partner to have because your genes want to spread with a certain kind of gene. And I'm sure that there are even more environmental factors. Like, if you're raised in a racist family, you'll probably be more inclined to not like people of a certain color. And somethings are probably completely random.

But, that's why it's called preference. It's not really anything that can be explained, nor does it really need to be explained. It's just what you like.


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I know a lot of guys are put off when women tell them they're "Just not my type", and a lot of women spend a crazy amount of time defining this 'type' as if it were an unfair and biased job application form. Scares the heck out of people.

The cool part is that it's neither real nor static.

A woman could say they want "A tall, muscular guy with dark skin, blond hair and deep, blue eyes who is caring, has a brilliant smile, and has a way with kids...", etc, etc. Enter some light-skinned, dark haired man with brown eyes with a crooked smile who bleeds confidence and hardly shows any attention, and who knows? Depending on a few factors, her 'type' could crumble before this man.

That's because we don't know how we'll react to the next person who comes in, and we don't even know how we'll react to our ideal. Emotion wins out in the end, and I've seen women find their perfect man and men find their perfect woman, and it didn't faze them. Or they didn't like the person at all. The image isn't reality.

We're human, and nothing about us is static.