People you know off the tele


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Who do you know that has been on T.V? or do you know someone close that knows them?

I know quite a lot of people in Scottish T.V or I've been to the same School as them etc.

One class-mate was Children's T.V presenter on the BBC and ITV.
I've got friends that have been extras on popular U.K drama's such as Taggart. I was once interviewed on the local news and I've known several people interviewed on the national news. I know one or tree experts that talk on crime programs/documentaries. I had two college friends that were training to be actors, then years later, I've seen them in [Irish] movies. I know the cousin of a U.K fashion presenter [Gok Wan.] I've met Princess Anne [when I was a kid.] I've stood next to other Royalty too but it's not the same as knowing or meeting. My cousin was a DJ in Public Domain YouTube - Public Domain - Operation Blade
One cousin is a local presenter/producer for the BBC.
I've met Dom DeLuise a few times [as a kid]. My old college lecturer as a journalist has interviewed some top names such as Elton John.
Last night I was watching a documentary about women that go to live with 'tribes' to see how they live etc. One woman went to live in Ethiopia in a Small village tribe... she's the air-stewardess on one of my local flights... I saw her getting naked for the program a few times [Dinnnng Donnng] I think I'll be booking extra flights. I am sure at a push, I could go on and on, but that's all I can think of for now.


I never actually knew him, but my great-uncle was Robert Shaw, of Jaws and From Russia With Love fame. I also went to school with someone who's an extra in quite a few shows now. He's also an international Northern Soul DJ.


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My mother was a babysitter for an elderly lady who we found out was Matt Damon's grandma.


Also turns out his uncle is a townie where I'm from. He's a wicked nice guy and actually looks quite like him.


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I used to speak to Benny Hill fairly often he was a very nice polite quite man,and a pleasure to speak to.
I also used to play football as a kid in one of the local parks and we would often have a kick around with Tommy Steel.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Norman Wisdom,a childhood favourite of mine,on several occasions,and surprisingly he always remembered my name.

I guess growing up just round the corner of Teddington studio's was a big help,but they all lived round that area so you would see them around town.


"There can be only one!"
I [kind of] met Johnnie Ball [A U.K Children's TV presenter/Mathematician] when he came to our School.
My old P.E teacher used to play football for Kilmarnock and St. Mirren, and my old boss used to play for [I think] Hearts.
As a student, I did work experience in the Glasgow Hilton Hotel, and there I stood next to the All Blacks rugby team [They were HUGE.]

This one is far from 'meeting' or even 'seeing' but every day, I used to wait for my bus just outside [under] the hotel window/room where J.K Rowling wrote her last Harry Potter book.

I used to go to Catholic Mass that was celebrated by Cardinal O'Brien [Cardinals are famous] and my family knows him from when he was a Priest.

Again, not quite meeting someone famous, but their is/was(?) a Sunday T.V Program called Songs of Praise with the late Sir Harry Sicomb (sp?), and while he was filming in Glasgow, I was chatting to one of his technicians who came-up to me because he recognised my accent.

Another one I never met, but my Sisters in-laws used to stay next door to 'Mrs Mac' a character in an old Scottish soap 'Take the High-road.'

An other of my-own ex in-laws used to stay down the road for 'Seth' a character from an English soap 'Emmerdale.'

I had a drunken night with an actress for local T.V, we walked about 10 miles drunk as skunks in the wee-small hours, and she wanted me to help her (*cough *cough) 'Borrow' a car to get us home, but I talked her out of it and we still had a laugh and sore feet.

My friends locally saw an actress of an old, old Australian soap that I used o watch 'Cell-Block-H.'

Hercules the Bear was in my field [when I was just a kid, though I don't think I saw him, and if I did, I don't remember]

I knew one of the actors in a Scottish soap 'River City' and through him, I met an actress in that soap. I knew him from School and college, and now that I come to think of it, back then, I knew a lot of people that became locally famous on Scottish T.V.]

I've met the leopard man of Skye.

I've met DJ Lottie though I was out of my tits at the time.

I've met some of the mebers of a Scootish Band 'Run-Rig' and two of them are local to my area.

Their are a fair hand-full of celebs that I have not met, but have had e-mails from them.


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Their are a fair hand-full of celebs that I have not met, but have had e-mails from them.

Huh? Why would random "celebrities" email you?


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Not sure if counts as i did not know know him personally but I had a few beers with Oliver Reed one night back in the early 90s.

I have also played fifa football at Craig Davids house,he is a cool guy but insists everyone takes there footwear off as he has white carpets,a pain in the arse when your working there,I was fittting glass over several large lcd tv's that look like mirrors until the tv is turned on.


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Just in the music scene. I've backed up for some artists who appear on the telly although they're not really TV personalities. They just happen to guest in tv variety shows. Also, a guy who used to host a night musical show is a good musical director and I've worked with him on some projects.


"There can be only one!"
Their are a fair hand-full of celebs that I have not met, but have had e-mails from them.

Huh? Why would random "celebrities" email you?
I don't know if you mean or notice it, but often when people tell something, your questions smack of cynicism as in 'a cynical child' like manner [as opposed to a cynical adult.]

Angelica Pickles^^^

I never mentioned random celebrities e-mailing me.
I have had e-mails [replies] from various celebs when I was in advertising and p/r.
[Edit;- Not all celebs use or want agents all the time if at all]
I have had e-mails [replies] from celebs that have their own talk-shows or such-like shows and ask people to e-mail them for whatever reason.

They are very few and far between, but that's my tiny input of 'claim to fame.'
It would be nice if I got a seemingly random e-mail from certain celebs just to ask how I was. ;)
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You haven't changed. Still flaming and somehow still here.

I got to meet my local sports announcers for the Red Sox. They were outside of Fenway one day and I basically just got to say hi and that was it. They're a lot taller than you looked on TV!