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People with mean pets


Hell, It's about time!
Something that bugs me is when I go to a friends house and they have a mean dog or something, then they tell me...

"Just don't look at him or make sudden movements and you'll be fine".

Why not just put the damn dog in another room while I am over so I don't feel like I am walking on eggshells the whole time.

Does this bug you too? If the dog is that much of a problem, don't risk it, put it outside or in a room while you have company.
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I agree. If the pest seems to be a problem for the visitor then either tell it to behave or take it away.
This is when some people don't put limits to their pets and seem to care more about them than about humans.


yellow 4!
Yeah, but I only know one person whose house I visit at least semi-regularly where this is a problem. Their bull terrier isn't exactly vicious in a dangerous way but it will jump all over you and bite your feet. It also stares at you and then charges. It's scary, and I usually love dogs.

Anyway, they always leave it out when people come over. You can't relax in that house because you're constantly wondering what that damn dog is thinking and what it will do next haha. If it goes to 'attack' you then my friend's mum will just pull it off and sometimes shut it in the kitchen, but rarely. Usually it's just left there.



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I was damn near killed by dogs when I was a kid so yeah it would be a problem. Also, that is an ignorant dog owner as they would be liable if their dog bites a guest.


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Bull Terriers and/or Pitbulls are nothing in terms of being mean when compared to Chihuahuas.

I always have to contain my urge to soccer kick skyward a dog of that breed whenever I see it being annoying and acting like its shit does not stink.


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Whenever I'm at a friends house with a mean dog I make sure it's either locked in a room or tied to a fence.


yellow 4!
Bull Terriers and/or Pitbulls are nothing in terms of being mean when compared to Chihuahuas.
Haha, I agree that small dogs are way more vicious in general. But they're also easier to handle. The bulls are much more intimidating when they want to eat you alive. I've only ever met one that was that way inclined, though.


Sally Twit
No. I don't think it'd be fair to shut the dog in another room. If you make it feel trapped then it'll cause more problems. If they have a dog that's going to bite you or something then they should do something about it but if it's just playful and jumps up a lot then who cares.
That said, if someone actually said 'don't look at it' then I wouldn't bother going back round.


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This does annoy me. I realize it's the animal's house, but as a guest I really don't like having to defend myself the whole time.

I have a friend who has 2 "chihuahuas" (they're not pure- odd looking little things, they are!) and they're hyper-active. Always climbing on the back of the chair and rooting through my hair, jumping constantly, etc. I have tried to pet the animals thinking it would calm them, but they just try to chew on my hand at that point. It's not painful, just disgusting. I'm not a chew toy!
My friend just thinks it's all cute. I think not.

*edited to add:

I have a dog who can be a little hyper around strangers. She doesn't jump much but she will try to hump certain people. Oh, and my daughter has this one friend who the dog just loves to lick! I have a gate up and I will keep her in the work-out room. It's funny when she's in there. She'll just lay at the gate and stare at anyone who walks by. She may even huff at them, but at least she's not whining or clawing to get out. lol
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