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People who don't pull their weight


aka ginger warlock
I work in a IT support environment. It is important that everyone pitches in and does their fair share in order that the place runs smoothly. In my office we have a small problem though. Some don't do so as much as they should and it usually ends up with a few people doing the majority of the work simply because if the work doesn't get done people will complain and it makes things worse.

The problem is it annoys me and others when we are working our butts off and others sit back doing nothing knowing that the work will get done because we don't want problems to arise.

So what would you do? Would you say something to your boss? It is best to get on with it and keep your mouth shut? Does it make you look like the office grass if you say something?
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Supreme System Lord
From my experience it's normally been 'the boss' who hasn't pulled his weight. And in that situation there's very little you can do about it other than crack on.

If it was a colleague then I'd still let it go and just focus on what I'm doing and make sure I'm pulling my fair share.


Problematic Shitlord
The only time I make it known that someone isn't doing their share is when it begins to affect my work or the amount of work I'm able to do. If you constantly have to pick up slack for someone else or wait for others to do what they're supposed to, then its your problem.


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If it affects my performance then I'd tell the person myself first. If he doesn't change then I tell the boss. Or you can also wait for the performance appraisal if you do peer evaluation or feedback.


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I think you should keep your mouth shut. At the end people like that and up leaving or being fired. Do your job, and be silent. If you start talking, you will go trough the door first, and always end up as a bad guy. Talking from experience. :)


Sally Twit
I've been in this situation before and I told my manager about it. This woman wasn't doing much at all and it created more work for me. It turned out he was already aware of it and said he was monitoring it. She announced she was pregnant shortly after so nothing was done. He has said he doesn't want her to come back and hopes she chooses not to.

There's no reason anyone would have to know it was you that said something.


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I'm the only male CNA on my shift and I can lift and assist heavier residents without the use of mechanical devices or other CNA's to help me out. All the nurses know I'm a hard worker and more than willing the assist my coworkers, but there have been times where they have used that to their advantage. Always switching patients with me because "they're too heavy" or "I can't do them" excuses.

My favorite nurse Laura saw I was tired one day after putting my section of residents down to bed after dinner, a female co-worker came up to ask me to put someone to bed and my nurse instructed her to leave me alone and ask for help from someone else. From then on, when I got too tired or annoyed with requests like that, I would help them out but make it known "You only get this one".

I don't mind doing extra work, but when I'm doing other people's work, that's what will set me off the most. I've never really complained about the issue to a supervisor, I've always just let my coworkers know up front. But, always in a professional manor.



Ugh there's one girl at work who drives me crazy. She's an okay worker most of the time while she's there, but what annoys me about her is how casual she is about our rosters. Whenever we want a certain night off we usually warn our boss with weeks in advance so he can plan it, but this one girl is always calling and texting us at the last minute, changing shifts etc to suite herself. And the worst part is that she is cousins with our boss, so she can basically get away with anything.


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I get this where I work as well, if someone doesn't pull their weight they'll get rostered on to work a job that's really hard work or boring so that they know not to do it again. I guess at least my managers take notice when someone isn't pulling their weight which is a good thing but having to work your ass off to cover for them sucks.


It's not me, it's you.
There are some minor problems with this, but it doesn't affect me too much. What I have a problem with right now is people not having enough time to do their work, or being interrupted. Like right now, the person who enters all the labor time sometimes doesn't have enough time to enter all of it, or maybe the guys in the shop don't turn in their time sheets. This affects me very much because I invoice all those jobs, and I need to know how many labor hours we spent on it.

I feel like sometimes I could be getting these invoices out sooner, but it's not my fault, and I'm afraid that it reflects poorly on me at times.