People who don't have avatars.


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Do you pay as much attention to there posts as people who do have Avatars?

I hate to admit it, but if people don't have avatars Ill often look over there posts, unless they captured my attention.

Hell, when i didn't have an avatar ignored my own posts. Hard to look for posts that way.:-/
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I read posts regardless of avatars.
I might skim through posts if they start to become too boring (as short as they may be)
I'll read whether you have an avatar or not. I might skip over some people's post if it's a new member posting a link to an unknown site.


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Yep, I read them too, I will skim posts if things are being fairly repetitive, or I'm just making sure I'm not going to post the exact same thing someone else has. The only time I specifically look at avatars is if I'm trying to find a specific post in the thread and I know who made it.


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I have a tendancy to look at the non-avy responses with less interest but will still take some time to read 'em. The way I see it, it doesnt take but a minute or two to set up your avatar. If a member is so lazy they cant even set up the one little pic that everyone can judge them by, its usually no surprise when their posts are riddled with:

"hai boiz n gurlz! im noo heer n wuz jus pawpin bai 2 drawp a lyne sayun hai 2 mai peeps! keeper reelz yo!"

......I hate that.