"People who don't exercise are lazy"


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What do you think of the phrase "People who don't work out are lazy?"

Do you think it's generally true, sometimes true, or rarely true? I know a lot of people who exercise/work out tend to be quick to tell people who don't that they are just being lazy, but what do you think? Is there truth to this or are people just being judgmental or insensitive?

I think the saying is true most of the time. I mean, looking at my own workout schedule I can tell that on the days that I don't work out it's usually because I was being lazy. And before I really got into working out regularly I can say for sure that I had the time but chose to spend it doing other things that were more fun.

Sure there are some people who truly don't have time. But a lot of people do have time and fill that time with other things instead.


yes and no. it depends on every person.
different people have different reasons for not working out.
right now i'm not working out because i'm having exams once every 5 days .., there have been times when i felt lazy about it..
it depends on the moment.

working out is not easy. it takes willpower and time. especially the first one because if you want it so hard , you'll find time.

people find the easiest ways to go on diets though that's not healthy.
or they take other medicines to lose weight in an artificial way.
so yeah...to a certain extent, some people are lazy.


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I don't think the saying is true all the time. Sometimes I don't exercise because I'm lazy, but most of the time it is because I just don't enjoy it. Even though it's not always fun to me, I still try to exercise when I can and stay in decent shape. The people who never exercise are either lazy or just don't care about their health.


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there are a few days when I just don't feel it and won't exercise and just lounge around and then there are other days when I don't have the time and then there are some days where I just don't because too many days in a row isn't good.

sure some people who do not do any sort of exercise at the gym could be deemed lazy but they also may actually be doing physical labor for work which takes the place of it. Apples and oranges I say....


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Of course it's not true all the time.

In all seriousness and outside the realm of morbid humor, what about people that don't have the time to exercise? What about people that are incapable? Anytime you make such a blanket statement you are welcoming severe scrutiny.


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I don't think its true. In many of the cases they have different priorities like school, kids, friends, spouses, work etc.

I don't go around calling people who don't work out lazy. I wasn't able to work out during tax season as an accountant unless I would wake up at 4 in the morning.

You make time for the things that are important in life. Exercising regularly is not important enough for a lot of people, and understandably so.


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You make time for the things that are important in life. Exercising regularly is not important enough for a lot of people, and understandably so.
True, but by that same argument you could say that people prioritize their life based on their motivation levels, right?

I'm not saying having a busy schedule and not working out makes somebody lazy, but I do think it's fair to say that having certain priorities out of whack can be a result of laziness. For example, those people who play World of Warcraft until they die in their chairs. They don't get any respect for me for having WoW as their #1 priority. :lol:


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I often do not have time to exercise. Also, I am having health problems, that actually make exercise dangerous for me. Plus... Yes, laziness is a part of it. And boredom. The exercises I can do are the ones I do not enjoy. There might be various reasons to it, so it is not fair saying those who do not exercise are lazy.
Oh, and I am a person that feels useless when doing nothing. So I find myself activities, just that exercise is not included. I prefer doing extra research for my studies or reading around.
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In my opinion it depends on what u define as exercise. I dont find myself doing exercise, but i'm out in the hills like 4-5 hours like 3-5 times a week. And doing basketball and stuff during summer. But to me that aint exercise. so no i wouldn't say people who don't exerice are lazy. Some people just have a stressfull every day and aint got the energy to do it...


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I don't think that people who don't work out are lazy. Maybe it's just a difference of priorities or ideas about how to live healthy. And there are some who cannot for medical reasons or schedules or finances, etc. I can think of a lot of excuses, er, reasons to not work out regularly. :)