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PSP People Need To Post For Psp

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The appeal to the PSP IS that it's a portable Playstation 2. That way, you can in a way bring your PS2 with you everywhere you go. Plus without all the wires. In fact, there were rumors that it would be able to play PS2 games back when the news first came out.


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Great News! The PSP has just been lowered to $199.99 and has five Greatest Hits titles available for $19.99!

1. Ape Escape: On the Loose
don't own this one, so I've got no opinion. I understand it's a remake of the original
2. ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails
own this game, and it is AWESOME! There's tons of customization, things to purchase, and unlockables (including God of War's Kratos as a rider!), and truly great online play, with Chat, Game Search, Buddy List, Rankings, unlockables you can win from your opponents, and very informative world scoreboards. If you're serious about games, you should definitely pick this up.
3. Hot Shots Golf:Open Tee
don't own this, but it's supposed to be a really good game if you don't mind the three-click swing method and cutesy style
4. Twisted Metal: Head On
Apparently, TM:HO is a solid game with online play. If you like the original Twisted Metal games, vehichles, and blowing stuff up, you definitely shouldn't miss this.
5. WipeOut Pure
I own this game and it's pretty good, with crazy fast, stay in control! driving, weapons, and heaps upon heaps of replay value. with 5 difficulty levels, plenty of tracks, including digital replications of old WipeOut tracks,
Ad Hoc, insane graphics and fun gameplay, raciing fans and sci-fi geeks alike will find that WipeOut Pure will satiate their appetite for a while.
In a few months, we should see more Greatest Hits for the PSP.


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ummm... unreal phantasy... those game suck man...


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i've only played two of them, the other three i simply read about. plus, i don't compare PSP games against all console titles, i compare them with other PSP games. this is a mute point anyway, because Wipeout Pure is AWESOME and Atv is great for online play, despite the load times.

btw,anyone here have a used copy of GTA:LCS that is unpatched? (i.e. can be used to load emulators on PSP?) If so, would you be willing to sell me it?


Son of Liberty
it was really windy the other day.... the blinds on my window knocked over a cup of tea that managed to spill every drop onto my psp. To my surprise after hours of blow drying and q-tipping as much moisture away from it as I could it still works!

The only problem Im having now is the +direction pad is sticky from the sweet & low that was in the tea.... I'll have to find a way to get that faceplate off sometime to clean under the pad. 'Till then Im just happy my psp was semi-water proof!


Sally Twit
I have a PSP but to be honest I only play it when I am going on holiday or something. I play it when I'm on a coach journey but right now it's gathering dust in the bottom of my wardrobe.


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Return of the Necro-thread!
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