PSP People Need To Post For Psp

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yo man psp is tight. playing GTA on the go? classic. Also games like SOCOM and Metal Gear for like a road trip or train/plane ride? awesome. Anyone here have one? anyone want one? Also, the typing on them is horrible. if you are going to use the internet featureon it a lot, you should buy the keyboard,* here
or at maybe look for it

* not actually sure if its out yet, actually i dont think it is. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE POST FOR PSP! It really is the best portable, and has awesome games, it should have more posts for it.


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i want one but don't want to pay $250 for one.

it's just a portable PS2, and it doesn't share the same medium as it, which means if you had a ps2 and a psp, you're spending extra on games.

but i like the extra functions it has, mp3 and video. the screen is pretty big and is really clear, so i'd imagine that video play back is very nice.

i'll wait till there's a [ huge ] price cut before i even look into buying a PSP.


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I dont' know, I might get one, it isn't something that really gets to me if I don't. We will see how I feel like when I have the money.


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I'd buy the PSP if it had better games to warrent the price tag, or the PSP comes down to around the DS in price. I mean, I like the features, but at this point my laptop does the same thing just a bit noiser.


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there's really nothing for me that PSP offers. its just a PS2 portable honestly, unlike the Gameboy which was a completely different mindset then the NES.
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