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People mixing up Memorial Day and Veterans Day


How much does this annoy you? Or are you one of the people that does it?

It drives me nuts. I'm bothered by it far more than I should be... but seriously... how hard is it to see the difference? Haha.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I guess there are so many holidays that people can't get them straight. Really doesn't bother me though.

I never forget memorial day because that's the day I had my son.


Registered Member
It depends on their attitude, to me. It continues to prove how disconnected the average person is from history and meaningful politics. I don't mean that every person needs to have flags on their lawn in blind patriotism, in fact both days are important for discussion, awareness, and healing. My father is a vet of Vietnam, my grandfather on my mother's side of WWII, and some other family and friends deceased from recent wars and "conflicts," so here is how I remind people when they forget.

Memorial is for memory of the dead, and Veteran is for visiting the living.
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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am late to the party but it definitely annoys me as well. I agree with Stego...just proves how disconnected some people are...

Or how stupid they are haha


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There are many people who want to praise our precious children who serve or have served whenever they can. I'm sure those we've lost would be glad about that.