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Movies People in zombie movies are dumb


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People in zombie movies are dumb.
Just watched a zombie movie.
It will go unnamed.
In the movie there in a old two story house..
there all on the 1st floor... all the windows are boarded over flat with the wall..
A bunch of zombie do get in..
By way of smashing in the boards...

They make 2 mistakes:

1. using the 1st floor.
2. not using the right bracing.

The first thing you gotta do is move everything to the second floor.
Board up the windows and doors using flat boards on the windows and doors then add diagonal bracing at the 90 degree angle from the board of on the windows and doors the the floor in front of them..

At the same time you have people remove the staircases to the second floor.
Remove all the parts by chucking them out a second story window after chopping them small..

use a painters ladder to get up and down but pull it up to the second floor when not in use.


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I think its dumb when the zombies move so slow but the idiots fall and just lay there screaming until they are attacked. Who in their right mind would do that.


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The zombie genre is an old hat by now, but it's one that has a lot of differing opinions. What are zombies? Do they lurch about slowly, or do they run? Can they climb? Are they the rising dead, or are they infected Humans? There's so much variety that zombie films can pretty much do what they want. However a common aspect in almost all zombie films is the stupidity of the characters. This is because a) people really are stupid, and b) if they were all perfect survivors the film just wouldn't be as interesting. It's the suspense, the horror, the frightening "omg I think it's going to get me" feeling that attracts most viewers.

I am a big fan of zombie films, they're probably one of my favourite kinds of film. I can definitely attest to what you're saying, rarely do I watch a film and not end up shouting at the screen "Why would you do that?!" or "You idiot! Go the other way!" In fact, just the other day I re-watched a zombie film with a brother and thought to myself, 'Why didn't they do x instead of y?' or something similar. There were definitely parts that I couldn't really believe someone would do, but the truth is there are people out there who are that stupid.


I'm serious
It sounds like the opening scene in 28 Days Later, which is one of my favorite zombie movies.

I agree though, there is a lot of stupidity in zombie theme movies. That's one of the things I like about Walking Dead, how in general they aren't as scared of the zombies. They go out confident and kill them.


Epic Gamer
I like to think that's what I would do - if they were slow moving lurchers, I wouldn't be as afraid to fuck them up. After all, slow zombies are only dangerous in large numbers if you're sensible about things and don't let yourself get cornered or trapped. That's usually when people get fucked up, really, because of stupid mistakes and a lack of common sense.

They worrying kind of zombies are the rage virus ones that can run and climb and will sprint at you screaming. :(


aka ginger warlock
To be fair to the Zombie Genre the same thing could be said of just about every horror film out there. I understand what you are saying Casio but with the horror and zombie genre you have to take things with a pinch of salt and the fact that if people reacted in the way we would in the real world then it would be a very short film.

One great example of a zombie movie that knows what it is doing and what is trying to achieve is "Shaun of the Dead". It is set out to be a comedy but it is also done in such a good way that it takes the genre and places it into every day where we as people could be considered zombies because we do the same thing for the most part everyday, we just don't eat people, here is the trailer if you have not seen it:

Shaun of the Dead Trailer - YouTube

As I say, I think you have to go in with a certain level of expectation and be willing to suspend you disbelief a little or there is no way you will enjoy the film because you will end up finding flaws and poking holes.


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This can be said about EVERY horror movie lol. Some of their choices and decisions have me yelling at the TV lol Especially the first Halloween. I still curse that girl for stupidly running into the one room where Michael Myers will kill her!!! lol