People get punished too harshly for their comments

On July 30th, 2009, McMackin told the press during the Western Athletic Conference media preview gathering that Notre Dame did "this little faggot dance" at a banquet the night before the 2008 Hawaii Bowl. He then went on to use the derogatory gay slur two more times. Later in the day, he returned to the press to apologize for his use of the gay slur and stated that he was only "trying to make a joke".[3] The next day, as a result of the gay slur comments, the University of Hawaii suspended McMackin for 30 days without pay. He will however continue to coach the team as a volunteer. McMackin appeared before media again to apologize. He also volunteered a seven percent cut in his pay, which roughly amounts to $169,000. McMackin also agreed to appear in a public service announcement in support of gay rights.[4] For its part, following the sanctions by the University of Hawaii, the Western Athletic Conference issued a reprimand to McMackin and warned him that any further violations will be followed by, at the minimum, an automatic one-game suspension.
Source: Wikipedia

Here's the video of his apology:

YouTube - UH Football Coach Greg McMackin Apologizes For Gay Slur.
His punishment for saying "faggot" three times:

1) 30-day suspension WITHOUT pay.
2) Salary cut by 7% (near $17o,ooo).
3) Will have to work with gay and lesbian groups to produce a PSA (public service announcements) and workshops across campus.

That's WAY over the top and too brutal for using the word faggot a few times. I hope none of you are offending reading that, but I've just had it when it comes to people getting punished for using words - and especially considering he didn't intend any harm when he was saying it. He's a football coach for crying out loud, what do you think they talk about when they're in the locker room? Sometimes they like to talk like a sailor and make vulgar comments to one and other. When he's giving a run down in a press conference and slips up there's no need to harp all over him for it. Are there seriously no more murders and rapes happening that we need to jump on people for their words now?

I understand he's in the NFL and he has to uphold some type of policy where it says don't do either this or that, however he had no ill intent, he didn't say it (at least from what I've read and heard) in a derogatory manner and punishing him THAT much is far too extreme. Heck, even punishing him at all is overboard. Just ask him "Whoops, try not to say that in the press conference, ok, Chief? =)" and go about your business.

I feel sorry for this guy and all the people who get screwed in life because of their comments.
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Son of Liberty
Could be worse. Didnt Howard Cosell get nailed to the wall for saying "Look at the monkey Run!"

But I do agree, people are punished way to much anymore for the slightest comment. But its just one of those things that if he's not reprimanded.... then it starts to be ok for all these commentators & coaches or anyone else in front of a camera to start calling everything a Faggot. heh, then we'd really be in a shit storm.