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People foods your pets love.


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So, we all know there are foods we are not "supposed" to give our pets but some of us do when they give us that cute face. What are some foods you occasionally share with your pet that they seem to like very much.

As I type this my cat is standing on the microwave while it has popcorn cooking, lol. Some other random foods he likes are spinach and fritos but I almost never give him fritos cause it's such junk.....

He goes most crazy over pop corn though, he will not shut up once I start eating it....

Anyway, for those of you that are suckers for your pets what have you given into when it comes to begging and what are your pets favorite people foods?
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My cat loves everything cheesy, whether it be actual cheese, or cheese flavoured chips, or whatever. If I had some really strong cheese, she would appear the second I took it out of the fridge and unwrapped it. Actually, she liked any kind of chips, so whenever I had a bag I would give her one or 2. No wonder she got so fat.
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My dog and 2 cats will eat just about anything - even vegetables from time to time. Favorites? For my dog, definitely any type of meat. Which is normal and kind of boring.

One of the cats does like Reese's pieces, however.


Ms. Malone
The fuzzies like marmite :lol: They've got their own little jar and i rub it on their nose while i cut their nails.

Spud, when he belonged to my brother, had foods ranging from sausage to mince :sick: He's on a better diet now; and Muppet likes yoghurt drinks, but i don't let him have any.


still nobody's bitch
My cat and my dog both love cheese. They know when I get out the bag of shredded cheese and they both stand there begging for some.

My cat also loves yogurt but it makes her puke so I don't let her have it.

My other cat hovers over me while I eat my cereal, then runs to the sink when I put my bowl in it.


Sultan of Swat
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I think every dog loves Cheese, I've had four dogs in my life and they all go nuts when I take out the cheese.

I barely give my dog any people food since it's not good for them, but from time to time I'll give him a small piece of cheese, he just goes bunkers over it and always comes back for seconds.


Where is my Queen?
My cat loves shrimp, grilled or fried. She won't stop crying until I throw a couple on the ground.


My dog used to love the hell out of popcorn. It was to the point where whenever my mom would make popcorn, as soon as my dog would hear that first kernal pop, she would run to the kitchen and just stare at my mom, waiting for some.