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penny stocks?


New Member
are they even worth it with all of the trading fees??? has anyone have any info


Secret Agent
Staff member
Of course they are. You pay a fee per trade, so assuming the fee is $10, you would be an idiot to buy just a few shares of a penny stock.

However, if you put a few hundred dollars into one, and all you have to pay is the initial trading fee, you'll be set if the price goes up even a little per share.

Of course if it goes down then it was a bad decision altogether, but that's irrelevant to the trading fee.


Registered Member
We did ok on "penny" stocks for awhile. If you can find a mIRC chatroom that is called penny chat formerly known as stockgapers you will learn something. Couple of fellas in there are pretty sharp.

Be advised, it is a no nonsense chat room


Registered Member
Yea, Penny stocks are in a sence good. Alot of them do actually go up. I played with a few once, and got some decent returns. Not sure how the market is now i havn't really had time to watch it.


New Member
Trading fees are the things that take the penny out of penny because when it comes down to it, what's the point of investing in these when you could just buy a more expensive stock practically guaranteed to go up?