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Penny Stocks - Who Do You Use for Investing?


Registered Member
There was a suggestion that a new thread might be needed for this question - who do you use as a broker when dealing in penny stocks. Andrew says he uses TD Waterhouse as they only charge $9.99 per trade (I assume no matter what the amount of the trade).

Are there different rules for penny stocks in terms of what an advisor will charge to make the trade? Do they tend to charge per trade versus a percentage?

I'd like to learn a little more about penny stocks from some people who've dabbled (or made it more than a dabble LOL) in them for future use. Right now, I think I'm going to give them a miss, but I'm still interested in who people use for the trades and if it's a different choice to make because they are penny stocks versus "regular" stocks trading on the other markets.


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If its penny stocks you are interested in, check out stock gappers.