Pennsylvania 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg

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  1. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Today was the 5th annual 2nd Amendment rally at the Pennsylvania Capital Building. Speakers were NRA executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, Dr. Suzanna Hupp and a few local pro-gun politicians and figure heads.

    At issue was getting Castle Doctrine passed in the Commonwealth, putting a stop to municipalities violating state pre-emption laws and lastly clarifying car gun carry and transport laws (I see that as removing the requirement for a license provided your firearm is visible in the car. Currently you need a license to carry to have a gun in the car).

    Pennsylvania Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally ? Gathering at 10:00 AM on April 27, 2010 in Harrisburg to Support Gun Rights in PA

    Here are some photos from the PA state capital today. You can see Wayne LaPierre and Dr. Suzanna Hupp. I met with many pro-gun representatives and missed the anti-gun reps. We did try to go see them in order to have some constructive dialogue with them. They must have been hiding from us tho... :bolt:

    I bumped into Sam Rohrer (a real Conservative candidate for Governor) in the hall and our group had a nice chat with him. He is a real statesman and a man I would love to see as Pennsylvania's next governor.

    Oh ya... and my buddy won the rifle they were raffling off... lucky bastard :lol:

    These pictures were snapped from my iPhone so they aren't the greatest.

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    Looks like a big turnout at the rally. Currently the PA law requires you to have your gun visible in your car? That's not right. Your stop at a light and some anti gun person looks over and sees a gun and calls the cops on you. Hopefully they can change that law.
  3. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    I think you misread that. Currently in most states you may have a loaded handgun in your vehicle without a license to carry provided it is visible, in a glove box etc... In PA you can’t have a loaded (or unloaded) gun in your vehicle without a license to carry, visible or not (we are shall issue so it would be as simple as getting a license to carry, but that isn’t the point). Since you do not need a permit to open carry on foot in PA, you are kind of restricted to where you can walk on foot when it comes to open carrying. You can’t even transport a handgun unloaded in PA without a license to carry. This bill will hopefully remove the license requirement to carry in your vehicle, provided it is open and can be seen by law enforcement. Many states in the south have this law and it works fine. Since you can carry a handgun at the age of 18, but can’t get a permit to conceal until you are 21 this will help those in the 18-20 age group greatly and give them more room to carry and transport w/o a license. - A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost!
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    I have, over the past few years, become a big supporter of 2nd amendment rights--these rallies are nice to see. I can't wait to move into PA! I am currently trying to jump through the hoops to simply get the ID card to buy my gun here in NJ, and let me tell you, it is probably easier to clip the toenails of a Kodiak bear. Standardizing and clarifying the carry laws would be wonderful. I've been spending my time reading through what it is going to take to make the transition between states and whom honors what, etc... etc... (Re-freaking-diculous.)
  5. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    I'd give up on NJ and move to PA. NJ doesn't honor shit, nor do they issue permits to carry.
  6. Stegosaurus

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    I had to set up a meeting (2 weeks away) with the retired officer in charge of issuing firearm purchaser permit applications to go through the buying bureaucracy; I have to pick up an entire packet on gun purchasing in NJ, one that is loaded with paperwork and explanations of obscure laws; I have to drive to some other building to get fingerprinted; I need to pay about $70 in processing fees; I need to fill out shit in duplicate; and then I have to wait 30 days for it to get processed...and they still will never let anyone even carry concealed.

    I have views on both sides of the political spectrum, but by the time I get to PA, I'm going to be so pissed and ornery about NJ's draconian laws deterring gun buying and entirely preventing concealed/open carry, that I am probably going to be itching to buy a Dirty Harry .44 magnum to strap to my hip, then stand on the PA/NJ border (PA side) and scream stentorian obscenities from the mount at my home state from afar.

    ...I hope saying that won't negatively affect my mental health records search they are performing. :lol:
  7. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Buying a gun in PA:

    Go to store.
    Pick out gun.
    Fill out background check.
    Go home with gun.

    You seriously need to get out of there...
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