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Penniless Music Geek Seeks Guidance


Registered Member
OK, so, it's been forever since I could afford to buy any new music, but I have in my possession an iTunes gift card, and so, I am positively vibrating at the thought of finally getting my hands on a new album (yes, I said album, yes, I meant CD, yes, I am old).

Alright, so, I'm considering a lot of stuff, but I keep coming back to these two groups:

The Duke Spirit

Heartless Bastards

It is not lost on me that many, if not most, of you will not like either of these bands, but I do, I really *really* do. So, I was hoping that you could set your personal tastes aside, give a listen to a few tracks from each act, and then let me know what you think... Which of these should be the next addition to my music collection?

The Duke Spirit


YouTube - The Duke Spirit - You Really Wake Up The Love In Me - 17 Again Soundtrack
(good lord. apparently this song was in some awful movie; don't let that could your judgment!)

YouTube - This Ship Was Built to Last - The Duke Spirit

Heartless Bastards:

YouTube - All This Time

YouTube - Heartless Bastards- Came A Long Way

YouTube - Heartless Bastards - My Maker

YouTube - Home
(hahaha--pretty awesome video)


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I'll give em a listen soon, but only because you're awesome. Although, I don't think either will be my cup of tea

Have you listened to either album in it's entirety? Go to grooveshark where they host each album and listen to both online there. Whichever you love the most, then buy that one from itunes


still nobody's bitch
I was just wondering today why you haven't downloaded The Black Keys Brothers. Dew it.


still nobody's bitch
Someone's s'posed to be copying it for me... :D
er, I don't have a CD burner. The CD is in my car, though, so if you want to snag it tomorrow night and use David's, be my guest.

What about Adele's new CD, I've heard that it's amazing.