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Anyone watch this show? I can't get enough of it. The basic idea of the show for those who are not aware of it is the popular vegas stage performers Penn and Teller expose ideas and concepts that are as the title suggests "bullshit". They tackle a lot of issues and are usually very good about getting the facts out there, you can't really peg them as conservative or liberal, but to me at least they almost always share my point of view.

I recommend checking it out. Here is a clip from their "Mt. Rushmore" show that I found pretty cool.

EDIT: switched the video because the first one cut off a few seconds at the end. enjoy
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That is an Awesome show! I love the way they rip on some of these idiots that they come across. :lol:
Then again the naked hot chicks help too. ;)
They leave no stone unturned when they seek out the truth from the BS.
If you haven't seen this show you need to.


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I've seen the Abstinence and PETA ones and both had me laughing my ass off. Of course, they've gotten their facts crossed before and they certainly stretch things, but the show is a riot and tends to open eyes nonetheless.


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I havent seen it, but I can tell you off the bat.... I probably wouldnt rely on them as a soul source ya know.... it'd be like asking Ann Coulter to define liberalism :hah: Yeah she can give me a ballpark answer but theres no way in hell I'd trust just her.

I say good job to P&T for not worrying so much about being so Politically Correct. I wish more people in the spotlight would take a hint from these two that being PO is just BS ;)


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Most of the views I had already arrived at before watching their shows. Kinda like how conservatives already made up their minds on matters before they tune in to fox news.


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i love penn and teller. bullshit is funny. I love how smoothly they work together and this clip is a good example of that.


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What channel is this show on? I was laughing hard from this clip, and i want to see it
It's not generally on TV. It's a show they do in Las Vegas.

Definitely funny stuff. I had a chance to see them last time I was in Vegas but I didn't. :shake: