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PC vs. Console Gaming, the age old debate


Secret Agent
Staff member
Ok, lately I've been playing a lot more PC games and I decided to start another PC vs. Console thread. I've been on both sides of this fence in the past, but right now I'm standing firm on the PC side.

Here's why:

1. PC's are endlessly upgradable
2. PC's can have much better hardware
3. PC games can be updates and patched EASILY
4. PC games use the mouse/keyboard combo, which is great for the type of games I play. (FPS)
5. PC games can be modded and tweaked a lot more than console games.

And heck, there is a 700+ MB video card on the market now that costs more than an entire Playstation 3. Nobody is going to convince me that PS3 graphics will be superior to that. I'm not sure if the PS3 has DVI output, but the Xbox 360 sure does, which is the same output used in high end video cards. This means BOTH can be hooked up to a nice HD TV if you like. No more are consoles the only games that can easily be played on TV's.

There are a few ways to look at this argument.

#1, which is cheaper in the short term, long run, and more balanced? Consoles hand down.

#2, which is the best for playing with friends? Consoles hands down. (Online multiplayer still belongs to PC's)

#3, which is going to be the best for the absolute best graphics, speed, and keeping the gameplay fresh? PC.

I'm not bashing consoles, and as you can see above, consoles have their place for sure, especially for multiplayer games, but personally, I find that I'd rather play PC games because I can play a quick round in between different things that I'm doing throughout the day.