PC Upgrade Problems


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Don't you hate it when you swap out a bunch of stuff in your computer and then it doesn't work?

I just put a new CPU, new RAM, and a new hard drive in and now I can't get anything to show up.

I'm about to reset CMOS and probably unhook any extra hard drives for the time being. I've already confirmed that the RAM was seated correctly.

Any other suggestions?


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I know it sounds daft but have you made sure your hardware is compatible with your motherboard? Have you allocated the Hard Drive a letter for example C Drive?


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I'm about to reset CMOS

I'd pop the CMOS battery for a minute. Also check the jumper is still where it should be.

When you say nothing shows up what exactly do you mean? Does the monitor even recognise its connected to a port? Does the motherboard do anything upon loading?


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I found out what the problem was. In the process of finding an updated BIOS for my motherboard I came across some message board discussions on the subject and found out the CPU I ordered wasn't compatible with my motherboard (regardless of it being socket 775). My motherboard supports socket 775 Intel CPU chips but not 45nm 775 chips. I am sending it back through an RMA and have ordered a new 65nm 775 chip instead.

I have my old CPU back in but I'm upgraded to 8 gigs of RAM now. I'll have my new CPU next week.

I'm also running Windows 7 now (on my primary PC, this one) and man is it smooth! I'm loving it over XP so far, and this is coming from somebody who really didn't care for or have much use for Vista. I can't say I used Vista enough to HATE it but from what I've seen of Vista vs. 7, 7 is leaps and bounds better.
Well the replacement processor came just now. I'll be installing it soon. I have my fingers crossed this time around. :shifteyes:
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At least you can upgrade yours. I've had my system for about 8 or 9 years now. I have only a 1.2Gb CPU and 2 Gig RAM. I ordered a newer dual core processor but it wouldn't fit because of the old socket on my motherboard. Shoot, they don't even make processors for this one anymore. My RAM is OK, but it's DDR, and I only have sockets for the two RAM sticks. I'm running 2 fairly new IDE HDD's, and I have a new 500W power supply. So my only choice now is to replace the motherboard, add a new CPU and new RAM.
I'm looking around to see if I'd be better off buying them separately or buying a new tower complete and transferring my data from my old system to the new.


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Start with what you need to get the computer to boot. A hard drive, motherboard, power supply, and keyboard/mouse should be all you need to get it to boot. Add your CD-Rom drives, then hard drives, and other components from there.

If you don't have onboard you'll need your video card, obviously. Each time you add a new component you'll see that it works. When it doesn't work on a boot you'll know what isnt' working and you'll be able to fix any conflicts or bad hardware that way. Trial and error is slow but very effective, especially when you're building your own computer.


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I'm not talking about a different PC. I'm talking about upgrading the system I'm on now. I know what works and what doesn't. It's been fine for a long time and then all of a sudden the peripheral slots started dropping out. So far I've lost 2 of my 3 slots. Only the center slot is working right now so I can't use my sound or video cards. I've had to return to using the onboard video and sound so that my wireless network card could still function. By moving them around I've been able to determine that the cards themselves are still functioning. Soon I expect the center slot to drop and when it does I'll have to run a 15' CAT 5 network cable just to go online.
That's the only reason I'm going to have to upgrade. But as I said earlier my CPU is old and slow and uses an outdated socket. I have 2 Gig of RAM but both sticks are DDR type and no longer used.
When I do upgrade it will have to be a major overhaul. But that' OK, because I like to build my own anyway.