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PC Games PC Elitism


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Simply put, why does it exist? Where do you think it comes from? How have you experienced it?


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I think that it comes from people that are under the impression that their computer is just much more powerful than consoles.

Also keep in mind that computers can go to resolutions of up to 2560x1600 while even the best consoles (and TVs for that matter) top out at 1920x1080, that's a significantly smaller image (usually stretched over more space.) They take pride in the absolute superiority of their computer over the console.

I actually believe that PCs can be made significantly more powerful than consoles (currently) but I don't have any issue with consoles.

I only know one PC elitist and he likes it because he torrents all games from everything.


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I think that it comes from people that are under the impression that their computer is just much more powerful than consoles.
I would actually argue that. I think it's because a lot of PC gamers simply think they're better players. At least, it's what I've seen.

I actually believe that PCs can be made significantly more powerful than consoles (currently) but I don't have any issue with consoles.
At considerable costs to the creator however. For the price of a new console ($300) you can't build a decent gaming rig. Yeah, you could play some classics but you couldn't play modern console/PC titles. I think this may be another source of pride for PC gamers as the sheer cost can be staggering and I guess it's something to brag about. You can build a good gaming PC for under a grand, but if you want one to perform beyond a console level you're looking beyond a grand.


Isn't it true though that a high-end PC will always be better than any of the current consoles? I personally game on both PC and PS3 but I prefer the PS3 more because my PC just isn't up to standard enough for a lot of games now.

It seems these elitist PC gamers are the type of can spend hundreds of dollars on hardware and software upgrades almost all the time, because it sometimes seems that no matter how often you upgrade your PC it will never be complete. This is one of the reasons I like console better. You buy one unit, plug it in and it works as it is supposed to work. None of this upgrading stuff all the time.


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I think I can help answer this as a member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race™. :) Really, though, there's a pretty big belief that console games are often "dumbed down" compared to PC games. Which is basically to say console games usually have more intuitive user-interfaces, and certain sorts of complicated strategy and simulation games just don't work on consoles. Nevermind that you don't see too many PC games like that anymore. A lot of PC gamers blame that on consoles.

There's also a belief that the online community of PC games tends to be a bit more mature than that of console games. Hackers are a bigger problem than some kid in every server shouting, "nigger," over and over for no reason, it seems. Whether that's a solid trade-off depends on your perspective, I suppose. I've also heard that people are more prone to use teamwork in PC games, but who knows if that's true.

As for the cost thing: yeah, a solid gaming rig can run you ridiculous amounts of money, but so does a console + HD TV + peripherals. I bought my rig part-by-part over the course of 6-months and assembled it myself. Cost me about $800 at the time, but y'know, I can also surf the internet on it and all that fun jazz (it is a computer, after all). It only needs a significant upgrade every few years, so I don't think I spend more on it than a hardcore console gamer spends on hardware.

In any case, I don't really care what's better. I prefer PC gaming myself, but it's all a matter of preference. Playing games while lounging on your couch with a controller in hand has a ton to recommended it, I gotta say.
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We haven't mentioned mods. Mods are a lot more acceptable on a pc than on a console. For example, the Battlefield series is superior to the pc than on the consoles, due to the all the modded maps out there. Even with classic games like StarCraft, you can create you own maps and themes very easily, versus a console you can't easily mod a game.


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I only own a Windows PC and a Gameboy Color. I have owned a Nintendo and Super Nintendo, but I eventually threw them away.

The way I look at is this: there's a ton of console video games that could run perfectly well on my computer if they were made for Windows. But as it is, I have to buy all these other consoles just to play a handful of games on each. What kind of sense does that make?

I want to buy a Nintendo DS at some point, but I don't want to spend more than $20-$30 on it. I need a PC anyways, so why buy a console just to play a different set of games? Instead of spending $100 on one of the cheaper consoles (with the exact price depending on which console), I always just buy PC games.

Granted, I could have bought a console and a bunch of games instead of buying a PC. It would have been cheaper. But I use my PC for programming video games, playing video games, watching tv, listening to the radio, talking on the phone, creating gameplay videos, sending email, Internet browsing, reading ebooks, and just about everything.

Losing my PC would be like losing an arm.
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