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Football Payton Manning OMAHA explained


New Member
Ok so a lot of people beleive that omaha originally comes from Tom Brady, but at school we had a student of the week and when my friends Brady (not Tom Brady) had a letter from his mom, saying that the reason he uses omaha as a codeword, is because brady, supposedly has been to omaha and told soposedly cousen Payten Manning about it.

I think that storrys a bunch of bull.

But one thing we do know, omaha can change meaning with change of some differenmt variables, what jerseys there wearing the way the wind is going, what side of the feild there on, maybe even what play there using.

But my friend Brady doesnt talk hardly ever, when i say hi he is so quiet all you heare is I.
So i cant interogate him.

But yah, thats the storry of my friends bullShtuff storry and what omaha realy means.

anyone who believs my friends storry or has proof, please feel free to critisize me. :)
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