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Have you contacted PayPal? It is probably due to a transaction you made with somebody else that somehow red flagged your account, or transaction somebody sent to you. It's hard to know what to do since you didn't leave many details of what happened.


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*gasp* that's alot of money!! what is the reason they gave for holding it?


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They must have a pretty plausible reason for holding that amount of money. Hope it's just a misunderstanding and it gets resolved in your favor.

If you can share any details, it might help the rest of us avoid a similar fate in the future ...


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What are the details? I got a bunch of inventory from a woman who claimed that PayPal stole $500 from her. Her story was pretty compelling. Ever since then I keep my PayPal account connected to a secondary bank account and never let my PayPal or bank account balance go over $50.


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I agree that PayPal would be a better one to ask about this. They must give some reason for this hold.

I agree that you should not keep a bunch of money in PayPal though. I just don't think it is very safe.


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I've never heard of anything like this! I tend to let my paypal account balance get rather high before moving the money out... I use it as a bit of a savings, sometimes. This makes me worry. Anybody else out there here of something like this happening?


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Well, this post orignated in March, I think. I wonder if this has been resolved.

I, personally, leave no money in my PayPal account unless I'm using it immediately. My PayPal account is attached to a checking account with debit card and there is always less than $5 in that bank account unless I'm about to complete a transaction.

Call me paranoid. :nod:


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well i had been experiencing problems with paypal the day i joined it. first they wont give me my money and whenever i used to send them mails, they wont reply. so am just trying to avoid paypal in all possible sense


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I've heard so many horror stories about PayPal freezing accounts that I make an effort to empty my account periodically. There's never very much in it but, still, if even a small faction of the stories are true, why risk it.