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Does anyone use paypal? If so what was the biggest reason you started an account?
What do you believe is an advantage? What disadavantage to having an acct.?


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Don't use it and when I sold stuff on Ebay I wouldn't accept it if the people were outside the US. There was a scam going on where people, mostly from Asian countries, would order stuff then after shipped would claim they never got it. So they ended up with the item and their money back. Of course not everyone outside the US would do this but it went on enough I would only take a US money order or a check from them. Haven't sold anything on Ebay in years so maybe that has improved.


I signed up on Paypal so I didn't have to provide my financial information online at every vendor site I choose to deal with. Too many points of vulnerability. I've had no problems with Paypal and it's the only way I pay for stuff online. As far as I am concerned, if a vendor site doesn't support Paypal then they don't want my money and that's their choice. Plenty out there who do. :)


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I have paypal. It's tied to my uber account so it's nice to get a cab without paying cash or swiping my credit card info. And like Chameleon said, when there's a paypal option online, you don't need to provide your credit information, just the paypal. I also receive payments for service via paypal. I also pay for online stuff and when I had a problem with an order, it was easy to ask them to hold the payment.


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I signed up for it years ago just to have one. I think I've used it 2-3 times for someone to pay money to me for a service or as a refund, etc. I've never used it to buy anything. I figured my credit/debit card had enough protections that the extra layer that PayPal provides just wasn't necessary and added extra steps.


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I've had it for years. Still use it regularly. It's just a secure way to move money around. I'm a little annoyed that people felt the need to move over to tons of other stuff like cash app, venmo, etc. There's no advantage to those over PayPal that I can tell. It's just a cumbersome number of accounts to have since they all serve the same purpose in my mind.

Anyway. I find it easy to use so I'm sticking with it.