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Paypal question....


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Does anyone know if it's possible for a bidder to snatch their money back if they've paid through Paypal?? I promised to ship immediately, and they did hold up their end by paying right away. I've already started the transfer process so the funds aren't sitting in Paypal, but someone said that the person can still go in and get the money back.
Any help??


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well I have not heard of this happening but it sure would be nice to know! maybe someone else might know : )

can you send an email to paypal with that question?


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Hi angel. As far as I know that's impossible..Once funds are in paypal acc the only way to get your funds back is by fileing a dispute with eBay.
I have never heard that one..You can allways email paypal and ask..
But again i think someone was blowing smoke up your bumm....


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Okay, here's the scoop...if the bidder pays with a credit card, they can file a dispute with that company, who in turn will go after Paypal. Your account will be frozen until the matter is settled, and if Paypal doesn't feel they will win, they may not even fight for you. So, if you use Paypal, be sure the other person is a verified member, and only ship to the address on record, that way you will have coverage under the seller's protection policy!:D


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This has happened to me. Someone gave me a gift certificate from amazon. I sold it, the guy paid, I sent him the certificate codes via email and then the money in my paypal was refunded to him. It all happened in a few hours. I went off on paypal and all they would say was the buyer paid with stolen money. I have no idea what they mean by that? Luckily, I was able to cash the amazon codes myself before the guy used them. Stupid crook I guess.


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Couple things...

If it is a pending payment, waiting to clear, do not send item, until it clears...

Also any person can file a paypal claim on a purchase, seller has to confirm shipment to the confirmed paypal address....such as a delivery confirmation... Surprisingly a lot of newbies dont know this...


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Many newbies also don't know that not every single paypal payment is immediate. Some of them take a couple of days to go through. Then they get mad because their item didn't get sent immediately.