Paying rent


Sultan of Swat
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No I'm not talking about when you move out of your parents house. What I'm asking here is when you lived or if your staying there right now did you/are you paying rent?

As soon as I graduated high school I started paying rent, I didn't go to College straight after I graduated High School so my parents made me pay rent, at first it wasn't a big amount, but my dad raised it ever so often.

When I went to college I didn't have to pay anymore.

How about you guys?
No, I never gave money to my parents. When I left school, I knew I'd be living at home for a year before moving out. I asked them if they wanted me to pay rent and they said no. I think it's because I'm really good with money compared to my brother. If they ever lent me some I'd always pay it back, and I often rejected it when they offered to pay for something. I never got pocket money or anything, partly because I was walking dogs and babysitting for about 4 years before college. Years of that is probably what got me off the hook in terms of rent. That, and I didn't actually manage to get a job until half way through my year out.


Creeping On You
I'm paying rent to my mom right now. But I pay for the internet as well. I also have to pay my share of the hydro bill, and the gas money. Once I go back to college my mom says I won't have to pay rent. But I will probably still give her something.


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I started paying rent to my parents as soon as I landed my first job, so about a week after I left school.
I had friends who would earn around the same as me and never paid anything to their parents, in the long run it was good for me knowing that a certain percentage of my money was already spoken for as it did not faze me to much when I moved out and had a larger chunk to pay out.

Some of the guys who never paid anything to parents got in a real mess when they moved out as they had never really been clued in on the fact that what goes into their account was not all for them, a few of them ended up back at home cause they were kicked out for not paying rent as they had spent it.
Oh yeah I probably should have mentioned that - when I was home I gave my parents and their friends lots of lifts in my car. I think they went out more than I did, just to take advantage :hah: I also did stuff around the house to help out.


Ms. Malone
I started paying rent when mum really started to struggle with the bills; when i land myself a job that will last i will give her some more - i also pay for small things like bread when we run out, i bought a new vac once when the other died and i've paid the milkman a few times. I just chip in where i can.


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I started paying rent when I moved out of home at 15. It was only a small amount back then, but it helped me start budgeting my money.