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Paying off student loans


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So I have to pay off my student loans really soon.

I have a moderate amount, but it still makes me really sad. Anyway...

I have saved a lot of money since graduating undergrad 3 years ago, and I was thinking of applying it toward my graduate student loans. I was thinking putting a one time $6K toward it, although I could afford $10k max. It would save the interest I pay over the lifetime of the loan - but it will significantly reduce the savings I've saved so long and hard....they won't be there if I ever need it by chance.

Any advice or experience in repaying student loans?
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Any advice or experience in repaying student loans?
I have no money available to me and I believe that I'm going to condense my $35k in loans into one and get on the el cheapo repayment plan. I'll pay around $50 a month for 25 years and the loan will be repaid. If I repay it before then I won't have to worry about it being on my credit.