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Pay as you go internet dongles


aka ginger warlock
At the end of the month I plan to end my contact with my current mobile provider and go back to PAYG to try to save some money but I would still like to get online on the move with my laptop, at the moment my HTC Desire offers a 3g wifi hotspot and would like to replace it.

I have found some PAYG dongles online and Three seems to be the best connection but I am interested in people who use them, can anyone recommend Three over T-Mobile or o2?


Registered Member
I've not tried any apart from Three, but it's a decent choice, I'd say. Mine will pretty much connect anywhere, but can be a bit slow indoors. Flash pages can take up to a minute to load, if I'm contained within four walls. Still, if you're just looking for something for basic browsing I'd recommend it.