Pawn Shops & Video games


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Hi all.

I was wondering what you thoughts on buying games from Pawn Shops?

Me? I won't buy the systems there but I will go there to get my games..Hell you can get them even cheaper at pawn shops than you can at EB games or Game stop and you can even find the Rare HTF games in them.. CHEAP!!

Remember that cash changes the price tags in a pawn shop, so you can haggle the prices down for Greenbacks.

If you haven't looked in your local pawn shops for your games I recommend giving it a try..It will save you some cash.

So will you or have you bought any of your gaming stuff at a pawn shop?
When I was younger I went with my sister and she bought me Inspector Gadget for SNES. It was nice of her and it was a pretty good game. Though, I would have preferred a RPG instead.

Yes, you do get good deals there. I don't even know if the owner/seller knows how much those games could REALLY sell for.
I personally don't trust second-hand electronics unless I personally knew the first hand. I've gotten burned alot by places like pawn shops and EB Games actually. I just refuse to buy used games and stuff now.
That sounds like an interesting idea to buy games at a pawn shop. Doesn't sound too dependable though if you are looking for a certain game. Up-to-date games would probably not be found at a pawn shop would they?
You'll rarely find newer games there. It's just a great place to go to find older games for the NES, SNES or older systems. It's cheaper than EB/GameStop, though, less dependable like you said.