Pavlovic Threatens To Play In Europe


Sultan of Swat
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Akron Beacon Journal -
With negotiations for a new contract with the Cavaliers at a stalemate for months and training camp just about a week away, Sasha Pavlovic has grown tired of the process. In an interview with the Sporting News on Friday, agent Marc Cornstein said Pavlovic may consider playing in Europe next season if he can't come to terms on a long-term contract with the Cavs.

Cornstein, who said the sides were ''very far apart'' on contract terms, said he is not in talks with any European team but may consider that option. Because Pavlovic is a restricted free agent, if he cannot get another team to sign him to an offer sheet, or come to a long-term agreement with the Cavs, he would be required to take a one-year qualifying offer of $2.8 million.

Pavlovic, who is from Montenegro, has never played in Europe's top pro leagues. Even if he left for Europe, he would be a Cavs restricted free agent if he wanted to come back to the NBA. Also, European teams have started training camps, and most rosters are filled.