Paul Pierce sig


Sultan of Swat
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Not to bad, I don't like the mix that you have Dragon Ball Z characters with Paul Piece, the background is pretty decent, but I would have to give it a 6/10.


lol..yea what is that..dbz with paul pierce......???maybey hes showing them because they strong.?? w/e
Fruity colors, pixely random images, not very good.... sorry, you'll never improve unless people give you their real opinions, and that's mine.


it's all good
i just went crazy on this one lol
i was like looking at this tutorial and the one thing looked like dbz hair
you can imagine the rest thanks for the comments though


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I don't care what the others say cause I just admire this sig u made!*stares* The combination of the two is pretty good I must say, though u went all crazy on it I say u did a good job. To me anything looks good with the colors green and purple(my two fav colors) which includes ur sig by the way. I would give this sig a....8.5/10 for imaginative creation. Good Going Balti!*claps*