Paul Pierce burns Walker



One question keeps coming up with every mention of Iverson possibly landing in Boston: Can Iverson and Paul Pierce coexist?
"I think it would work out with the two of us," said Pierce. "I played with the biggest jacker in league history in Antoine Walker, didn't I? He was just jacking up shots. At least Iverson might go hit them at a higher clip and get to the free throw line."
When asked for the key when playing with someone like Walker or Iverson, Pierce added: " You understand what type of player he is. Certain times when [Walker] took certain shots [that were ill-advised] I'd go and tell him. And he'd listen, especially coming from a player like me, whereas for other guys it would probably be hard to talk to him. But when you're playing with another guy who's an All-Star, there's a respect factor that comes into play."


That's just hilarious. It really made my day.



Aw, Here It Goes!
LOL...Its true, so true. I mean you see Walker doing it all the time, saying Iverson does the same thing but atleast makes the shot most of the time, kinda funny, I wonder what they would have to give to get him.


Sultan of Swat
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Walker would take every shot if he was allowed, and every coach that he played for and every teamates he played with knows that he loves to shoot. But Pierce couldn't be any more right because Walker loved to take a lot shots, and in Iverson he can give you at least 7-9 apg which means that you get the ball.