Paul Looks to Improve on Great Rookie Season

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Fresh, Oct 2, 2006.

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    I think he's going to have a hell of a season if he stays healthy, it really help him making the USA team, because he probably learned a lot from the players that made the team as well. He was the best rookie last season, and I think he'll probably be the best sophmore this season. He's enjoyable to watch.
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    He will definitely be a great player, and he already is. He was a rookie and he showed great spead, athletic ability, and was resolute in doing whatever he had his heart to do. Look for him and keep an eye on him because he'll be one of those explosive, fantastic players. All around player, in my opinion.

    JAZZNC Guest

    I'm a Wake fan so I watched almost every game he played in college. He's the real deal. He plays with great intensity passes well shoots well and plays better D than people give him credit for. I think he'll be an All-Star next year if not this year. They got him more weapons so his apg should go up and he'll be a better shooter and rebounder with more experience. I really like the guy.

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