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Paul George


Registered Member
What happened was scary. If you missed it, during the USA Basketball scrimmage, Paul George went up for the block but when he landed, his leg literally snapped. Again, really scary. I don't like him or the Pacers, but I really really REALLY hope he has a speedy recovery and gets well soon.


The return shall be legenday!
Unless Paul George is un-human when it comes to recovering from serious injuries I don't see how he plays this year. That was gruesome and I can only imagine the pain he was in. Heal up George and come back stronger.


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Unless Paul George is un-human when it comes to recovering from serious injuries I don't see how he plays this year.
Athletes of the top four have far better science behind them than most of us regular humans. Even a lot more money too... If he sees any court time, it would be in the last weeks or they could just write him off the entire year for a precaution. I'd wager man of us would be out a lot longer than Stamkos was ;)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
https://twitter.com/WindhorstESPN/statu ... 85/photo/1

As Windhorst notes, the basket stanchions last night appeared to be significantly closer than the NBA standard:

I think this is an issue that needs to be better addressed. NBA players come flying down the lane way too fast to expect them to slam on the brakes that abruptly to avoid hitting the basket support. Same situation when Nerlens Noel blew out his knee, same situation with George snapping his leg last night, and we'll see more of these if we keep allowing these shorter distance stanchions to be rolled out for events like this. Needs to be a regulated absolute minimum distance, even in these non-NBA competitions.


Sultan of Swat
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Not to go off-topic, but I rank them like this:

1. Joe Theismann
2. Napoleon McCallum (I still remember watching this live on MNF......)
3. Jason Kendall
4. Shaun Livingston
5. Paul George

Ware is right there with George. 5a.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I haven't watched this one yet and probably won't. After seeing Ware's bone coming through his leg I'm done with this shit

Sid's is still my favorite...and my favorite I don't mean that at all...
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