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Patrick Sharp seeking legal action...


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Over the course of this week there were many tweets regarding the Blackhawks splintered locker room and one of the tweets centered around a rumour of Patrick Sharp being confronted by Daniel Carcillo over Sharp's off-ice in-bed actions. Basically - these tweets were accusing Sharp of giving other players girlfriends/wives a little something/something. There was even reports of a fist fight in the locker room.

The players have denied any of this happening and stated the locker room is tight.

Patrick Sharp on the other hand - is not a happy camper. When a wife sees these tweets, hears these accusations - it's not good certainly when you have two kids. When your parents are calling you about these accusations a line has been crossed.

I really hope Sharp does lawyer up and seek action; it's time reporters learn their freedom of speech and press has boundaries and limitations and 'defamation of character' is not protected by them.

http://chicago.suntimes.com/blackhawks- ... takes-toll


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As I said in an earlier post on the Blackhawks season thread I don;t believe this stuff until I see some proof and no one had proof and even more so the players and the media treated the fight as a joke and nobody even remotely said they believed the personal rumors.

Good for Sharpie I hope he can figure out or already knows who started the rumors and takes some form of recourse if possible.
I'm not in the know about what's happening in Chicago right now but....could this be enough for Patrick Sharp to signify the end of the relationship with the Hawks and ask for a trade during the offseason (unless he's a free agent at the end of this year). I'd like to think that there's no way that Sharp is welcome any longer in the Hawks locker room if that's true. And even there, those kind of rumors take its toll on a man. Perhaps Sharp should think about moving away from Chicago...