Football Patrick Mahomes


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I just thought it would be fun to look at some of the stats this kid is putting up. It's really astounding.

So just this year...2018...Mahomes has had 7 games in which he's thrown 4 TD's in a game. When you compare what he's done THIS YEAR to other teams since 2004...he's crushing them.

So since 2004...

The Panthers, Bears, Titans and Bills have had 7 games with 4 TD passes in the game
Browns and Cardinals - 6 games
Dolphins - 5 games
Ravens - 4 games
Jets - 3 games
49'ers - 1 game

So San 14 years...has had only one game in which they threw for 4 TD's in a game...Mahomes has 7x's more than that just this year.

How? haha


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That is a ridiculous stat, unbelievable.

No matter how good he is, I'll never be able to take him seiously because he sounds like Kermit the frog