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Paterno to be winningest coach again


The return shall be legenday!
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A proposed settlement will give Penn State back 112 football team wins that were vacated two years ago in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

If approved, the new agreement also would restore former coach Joe Paterno's status as the winningest coach in major college football history with 409 victories.

The NCAA announced the proposed deal Friday, weeks before a scheduled trial in state court on the legality of the 2012 consent decree it replaces.

Penn State trustees' chairman Keith Masser tells The Associated Press that board members will have a private discussion early Friday afternoon about the lawsuit.

Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman and state Treasurer Rob McCord had sued the NCAA over the consent decree, which imposed severe sanctions on Penn State.

Corman is holding a Tuesday afternoon news conference in Harrisburg. McCord is declining to comment.

Source: ESPN


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
So JoePa covering up and enabling a pedophile predator for AT LEAST 13 years, and probably about 30, in order to nail down the all-time wins record, pays off.
I always agreed about punishing Sandusky (duh) and JoePa for everything that ensued. However, I always found unfair that the current crop of players at Penn State had to pay for that with bowl bans and reduced scholarships because after all, the current staff at Penn State weren't responsible for that. I'm still glad for them that the Nittany Lions were able to pull through remarkably in this process. When you think about how historically, in the case of SMU who got the "death penalty", that program never really recovered from NCAA sanctions. Penn State was able to turn around the corner quickly and to restore its credibility as a a good Big Ten football program.


Registered Member
He deserves it. It's unfortunate what happened but he's not the one who did it and I do consider him one of the greatest coaches in the history of college football, if not THE greatest.