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Do you think a movie should be made about Pat Tillman? If you don't know who he is, he was an professional football player in the NFL who enlisted in the US army in 2002. He could have continued playing football and been fine, but he felt that joining the army was the right thing to do.

He was killed tragically by "friendly fire" (apparently) in Afghanistan.

Pat Tillman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think a movie would be a good way to honor his sacrifice. Of course, every soldier who was lost deserves to be honored, but it's different with him because he left a successful NFL career to risk his life for his country.

The only problem I could see with making a movie about him is that he died by friendly fire. That would be hard to script in a way that didn't just make people really bummed out, but honestly it was a really unfortunate thing.

What do you think?


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It's a great story and like you said it would be a great way to honor his achievements and sacrifice, so I do think a movie should be made as long as his family supports it. I think a large percentage of the profits should go to his family and charity. I hate the thought of other people making a ton of money from something like this.


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Echoes said it best, I believe it would be great to tell the whole story about Pat Tillman, what he did took a lot of courage in my opinion. But like Echoes mentioned his family needs to approve it first, and they have to make sure that there's not to much Hollywood put into this movie. I would definitely watch it.


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I think a movie about him would be great. He left the NFL to go serve his country and not many people would do that. They would pick the NFL where they would get lots of money but not Tillman. He believes serving his country is more important than playing for the NFL.