Pat Robertson: Haiti 'cursed' by pact with devil


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Pat Robertson: Haiti 'cursed' by pact with devil - 1/13/10 - Houston News -

So I was driving to work, and the radio station that I listen to was talking about the Earthquake that happened in Haiti, and they were saying how much it was a crazy story and such, then they say well this even more crazier and they play the video clip of Pat Robertson talking about the situation in Haiti.

No offense but this guy is a whack job, just listen to that interview and tell me you agree with me. This guy ran for President of the US? Are you serious. I'm sorry if anyone here respect him, but I don't.

I heard about this guy before this interview, and he was crazy then as well.



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I couldn't play the video clip at work, I'll have to check it out later. IF he did say Haiti is cursed by the devil, and judging by the things he has said in the past I'm not surprised, I agree, he's a whack job. It's another comment in a long line of asinine comments made by him that are insensitive.


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Pat Robertson feels he has to justify why bad things happen to people, if God is as loving and benevolent as his particular branch of Christianity claims He is. Robertson's answer to "why does God let this happen" has to be "because they deserved it", otherwise his head would explode from the cognitive dissonance.


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I read an article on this guy yesterday when he made these comments. The two thoughts that sprung to mind were a) why is this guy getting any attention. b) If there is an afterlife like he preaches, this guy is fucked.

Its pretty distgustng that his comments are being publicised only boosting his publicity for whatever twisted cause is at the root of his controversies (probably money). Unfortunatly with freedom of speech comes the freedom to utter stupid comments, this guy should be allowed to climb on his soapbox but I dont condone giving him a megaphone.


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Agreed, the guy is nuts. You just think the Dark Ages are gone, but then you run into superstitious religious nuts who convince you of the opposite again.

And I wonder why this guy gets so much attention -- it can't be just because he is so nuts he's always good for a laugh. I'm afraid way too many people buy into his stuff and share many of his opinions. That's really frightening. And when you compare the superstitious religious extremism of folks like Al-Qaida with this particular Protestant extremism of the American kind, I don't see significant differences.

If such people get too much influence, the world would be doomed, so much is sure.


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I believe the world is already doomed, my friend.

You saw religious nuts foaming in the mouth about Harry Potter, which is a simple fantasy book, declaring it to be evil and encouraging children to sacrifice cats to the Dark One.

Back in the Tsunami of 2004, one guy made a rap song saying that God was laughing when the wave hit.

You have guys like Beck who says Obama is a commie who wants to brainwash people.

You got gals like Palin who says Obama wants to actually kill off the weak and elderly with his plans. (See "DEATH PANELS") And the Republicans use scare tactics.

Yeah, we're fucked. I blame the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.
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Its best just to laugh at people that pervert religion and move on. Danny Glover, whose religion is environmentalism, said the tragedy happened because of global warming. I think Al Gore, another gaiaist, said the same thing about the Christmas Eve tsunami a few years ago. Most people are smart enough to spot a lunatic.
Normally I'd say that nothing that comes out of his mouth surprises me, but when I heard this I was dumbfounded. I don't get the logic, I really don't. Religious beliefs aside, have some compassion for these people! People like him preach about the love and compassion of God and the Christian people and then heartless evil shit like this pours out of their mouths and they wonder why their faith gets so much flack.