Pastry Chef Master!!!


Gay As Fuck
So my boyfriend is going to culinary school in the finest college in the States, Johnson and Wales in Rhoad Island. He's going back for his second year next week, but during the summertime we've been baking up a storm so here's what we've made (and by we I mean him while I watched the magic happen, lol)

Wedding Cake

Powdered Chocolate Mix

Tower of Delight

Oreo Cake


Mario Mushroom 2

Kalulah Cake

Trippy Stack (Made yesterday)

Card Cake

Chocolate Orgasm

Chocolate Delight

Birthday Cake for my Neice



rainbow 11!

He's making my birthday cake in November.


Gay As Fuck
very cool! i especially like the trippy stack. did he use fondant for that one?
Yeah, he recently bought some during the week and used it to make that cake, he also got some pans shaped like circles, squares and hexagons. He likes to makes stacks with them though, lol.

My favorite would have to be the Mario Cake, the top part is a dome cake he shaped and cut to the shape od the mushroom head, the bottomr half is just a regular stacked cake.



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
That Oreo cake and the wedding one look delicious!

I need to find me a friend who's a baker and a really good one too^_^

Atleast you know your bf can spoil you with sweet Shwa', making everyone around you jealous with it too I bet lol :p
That looks so fucking amazingly delicious.

Your boyfriend is winner.

The powdered chocolate mix one is especially nice looking... the oreo and chocolate orgasm ones look the tastiest though. mmmmm...