password issues

Ok so this is EndWinterRomance.

a while back i posted about some hacking issues i had. they've spread and while i temporarily gained access to everything again, i'm back to not being able to get on my email or gf. is there anyway this can get bypassed or should i just stick with the new user name?


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Just to clarify: You don't have access to the email you used to register as ewr? And does that mean your GF password has been reset too by hackers, or you just forgot because of long time not being here?
the email i used to register i don't have access to correct. and as for my password its a combination of im pretty sure i might have forgot it or it got changed cause i tried literally everything i could think of


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Hybrix can probably fix this for you and merge your new account with your old one. The problem is he's not here at the moment.


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Hybrix could have reset her old password if there's proof that it's really EWR (one way is to send him an email using the email you have registered your GF acct with). But since you don't have that either, you just convince Hybrix you are who you are and he can merge the acct. :)


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We don't have a definite answer of when he's coming back. He's busy with real life issues.

So it's a wait and see type of deal.

Welcome back by the way.