Passing for older/younger than you really are?

When people guess your age?

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What age range can you pass for? Do people often times think you are older or younger than you really are?

I can pass for any age within 20-30 with ease depending on if I do a close shave and what hair style I am going with at the time. When people ask me how old I am I always ask them how old they would guess and 10 times out of 10 people say I look younger than I really am.


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Well, I managed to pass for 15 the other day :-/ It automatically made me dislike that person. I don't think I look that young. Generally people guess my age give or take a year or 2. I think people online think i'm older than I actually am. I still laugh because Pam/AK thought I was mid/late twenties up until recently :lol:


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People usually think I'm about two years older than I am. In grade 9, people thought I'd failed grades. Now if I shave, I can pass for younger lol.


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When I was in my teens I always passed for older which is why I always had to attempt to buy the beer:lol: Now I always pass for younger.


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I often pass as a few years younger than I am, especially when I shave, which sometimes is a good thing: It took me a little longer to enter college than usual, because I quit high school, then first did my civic service (alternative to draft), did some jobbing and then finally took the high school final exams required to go to college -- so I was a little older when I entered college than many of the fellow students there. But I never stood out to them as older, as far as I can say.


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Last year, when I was only about 5'9, I could pass for younger than 16. But now at 6'1, I could probably pass for 19.


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Well I look around eighteen-twenty-one years old. I get carded everytime I buy booze or try to get in a club. It doesn't really bother me anymore since I am so use to it by now.

I don't see that changing anytime soon.