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I just want to say that pass interference has gotten totally out of hand in the NFL. There were nine pass interference calls in the Ravens/Packers game tonight, most of which had very little contact. What bothers me the most about it is that it's a spot foul. It's just such a bailout for the offense, especially a team like the Ravens who struggled to move the ball all game. They were gifted with the ball on the 1 yard line twice after ticky-tack calls on long passes into the end zone. If you're not going to allow even the slightest hand contact in pass coverage then just make the fucking penalty 15 yards like it is in college.


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I agree alot of the PI calls this evening were unwarranted and they should let th guys play alot more then they do.

I also agree it should be a 15 yard penalty. You could just heeve the ball up there and gain 40 yards for doing nothing.
You know I don't think the calls were way off. I think there were a few questionable calls, but I think that was a product as much of sloppy play as a bad PI system. Granted I have to say the PI against Mason in the 4th quater was pretty suspect. I mean mason had to get his arms around the CB just to make a play on the pass. I thought that one was a little leery, but there are always going to be judgement calls in the games, and no PI's won or lost the game so I'm happy with it heh.
Oh and Millz you know thats not correct, PI isn't called unless it's a catchable ball to begin with. If the potential abuse was so great, don't you think you'd see it more by teams? It happens with sloppy play more so than officiating like I said before. That game was sloppy penalty wise all over the place. So many offsides it wasn't even funny.
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I didn't see the game, so I can't comment on the calls that were made tonight, but I agree that Passing Interference calls have gotten out of hand, and you'll see a lot of times where the cornerback as good coverage on the player that the ball is thrown to, and they'll still call passing interference if there's a bit of contact, or if the wide receiver complains. It gets real annoying because it's so inconsistent.


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I didn't see most of the game but I think it may be a decision by the refs throughout the league to start going harder on pass interference calls because the Patriots had some really, really bad calls against them the week before. We're talking bad as in "HOLY FUCK THEIR WRISTS TOUCHED! FOUL FOUL FOUL!" and then yellow flags fucking everywhere.


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I agree with all the PI calls against the Packers but I find all the calls against the Ravens vastly unfair. :shifteyes:
Pass interference wasn't just the only reason I was pissed off all last night. Granted some of them helped the Ravens out a little bit but that one where it would've put Derrick Mason on like the 40 yd line absolutely killed our drive.

Needless to say, they need to have Lord Goddell do a revamp of the PI calls.

And you wanna see a REALLY bad interference call?

YouTube - Phantom Pass Interference Call


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I didn't see the whole game but I agree, PI calls have gotten out of hand. DB's are being punished just for being there. I agree it should be a 15 yard penalty, I've always hated it being a spot foul.


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Yeah the Patriots had a call or two just like that. It was flat awful.

I really think that the officials are being pressured to penalize more often or to scrutinize even more.
Matter of fact almost every time someone throws a deep ball across the field I have to hold my breath to see if a flag gets thrown whenever the pass goes incomplete. Bonus points if it's a late flag.