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Pass-First PG or Scoring PG?


A Darker Knight
Which do you think is ultimately better for a team, a guy like Jason Kidd or Rajon Rondo or guys like Deron Williams and Derrick Rose?

All of these point guards can pass and make assists, but for some, assists seem to come first, and the points are scored only when they're open. I think a pass first PG is ultimately better for a team just because it helps get the offense going. It's hard to play team ball when the ball starts and finishes with the PG. There are 4 other players on the court who need to be included in the offense as well.

Nothing against the new scoring point guards of course. It's a different NBA. I think scoring PGs are a lot more glamorized today.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It depends what his team looks like. If you take Derrick Rose for an example you want him to be a score first type of point guard since he's the best scorer on that Bulls squad and he can easily get to the rim. But if you take Steve Nash for example and take the team he won his MVP's with for an example then you want him to be a pass-first shoot second type of point guard, since they had a lot of capable scorers on that team.

Now for my last two examples(Kidd, Rondo) you want these point guards to be pass-first since they're terrible shooters and incredible playmakers. It all depends in the situation they're in.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think you want your point guard to be looking for the pass first, but at the same time he needs to be able to take advantage of the scoring opportunities that are presented to him. Also, a lot depends on the makeup of the team. Derrick Rose has to be the primary scorer for the Bulls. I would certainly take a guy like Rose over Rondo. Rondo's shooting is a huge liability and I don't think he'd have nearly the same success if he weren't surrounded by superstars.


Embrace the Suck
I could not agree with more with what BR and Echoes said.

It really does depend. If Rose is my PG I want him looking to score first. The thing about Rose is he can do both really really well. If Rondo is my PG I want him to look to pass first. He's a good presence on the floor and can pass really well, but if he's looking to score first, and he's your first option, you're kind of in trouble already.


A Darker Knight
yeah I guess it depends on what kind of players you've built your team around. I'm more biased to pass-first PGs. I think great passing is sort of a lost art, but if I were an owner and I had a chance to draft a Derrick Rose kind of player, I wouldn't pass that up either.


Registered Member
I want a point guard that's looking to pass first. You could tell during the playoffs that Rondo really had been working on his shooting but he still wouldn't take the shot. If you watch, when he's standing at the point looking for someone, a good chunk of the time they give him enough space to be able to shoot the ball twice.

So I'd personally rather have a passer like Rondo or Kidd, but of course an all-around point guard like Steve Nash would be better.