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party etiquette


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You know during the company party(s) at holidays, they give each employee a few drink tickets, and then after that the employee pays for what they drink after?

I want to do that (kind of) for a personal party. My mom and sis are going to help me host a party at a restaurant. We're allowing $30.00 per meal/drinks for up to 20 guests. However if someone chooses to have a bunch of wine/mojitos/bloody marys beyond the budget I want a gentle classy way to inform them in advance that the cost will fall to them.

Any suggestions?


Sally Twit
Give them a list of drinks that they are allowed to drink. Get some sort of menu created.
You could also tell whoever is serving the drinks what the budget is. When we had a work night out recently we were given raffle tickets and the barman pointed to what we could and couldn't drink without paying.
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You can give the bartender a cut off amount. Tell him you will pay for the first $1,000 of drinks or whatever and after that the person ordering pays.


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On the invite make it "cash bar" and then you lower the cost of the bar drinks by paying the first round.
That way a beer is a buck and wine and cocktails are $2. That's reasonable. You would not be a scrooge if you did that.

If you feel like you need to give your guests something make goodie bags.


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I would just give everyone however many drink tickets. I've been to a party like that before and it wasn't an inconvenience at all.


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Or you can serve bottles of wine and when they are empty they can go to the "cash bar".
I've never heard of the ticket thing. That's kind of cool. The non-drinkers could raffle theirs off.