Part 2

Me and my freinds are making some movie series! I'm not in the movie i just help out, do stuff that they need help with and some times be the camera man.

So the series are called Part Two. The series is a perfect mix of mystery and action. The main character, Ken (Jason Li), lives a normal life, with his girlfriend Caroline (Sylvia Ta) in Ottawa, Ontario. A once calm and peaceful city, Ottawa is now a corrupt metropolis plagued with gang violence and drug traffic. Things are going well for Ken...until he begins to receive series of mysterious visions. The series follows Ken as he tries to unlock the secrets and meanings behind these visions. Gang wars, unforgettable characters, love conflict, and everything else you could want can be found in this epic cinematic adventure.

Here is a trailer of it:
YouTube - Part Two Trailer


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What type of cameras are you using? Looks like you could use some work on your lighting. Lots of silhouettes and bright lights in a few parts but other than that it looks pretty well done.

Nice trailer work.