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Part 1 Let's Visit Those Restaurants


Registered Member
If you go to McDonald's what is it that you and or your family order?
I thought that it would be interesting the foods they eat at restaurants. Now the way this will work is one restaurant at a time.. This post is just about McDonalds only.
Now I want you to think about yourself , if you have a significant other, parents or grandparents, any relatives or if you have children. Plus any friend.

Ok Let's suppose you goto McDonald's on a few visits, of course some people order the same thing and others order differently. Now this post is about what would you, and all those mentioned above would order at McDonald's?
Name every item you can think that you and everyone orders..If you want it to be just yourself that's fine.
But if you do include others start with yourself first and then put whoever is next.. Make sure you put the relation to you..

Example. I order the Big Mac french fries and coke..Then say Mom orders FF chicken nuggets, chocolate shake and diet coke. etc... That's how it works. Ok Let's everyone order at McDonalds. Remember the 80's Jingle..It's a good time for the great taste at McDonalds