Parkour & Free Running


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Parkour and Free Running are different, however I am not 100% positive of their differences. I believe Free Running is more meant for show while Parkour is more personal as a means to and end.
It's all to do with the philosophies behind each one. Free Running is all about the flashy stunts you can perform. It's about style and aesthetics. This goes against Parkour entirely, as that is about two things. First, efficiency. When traceurs run, they aim to get from A to B as quickly, efficiently and simply as possible. Which is impossible if they spend all their energy showing off. Second, there's the base philosophy; reach and escape. The means to reach places normally unreachable, and the ability to evade pursuers.

In either case, I do have to admire a person's athleticism to do this.


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I love watching Parkour. Those guys are so crazy. Some of that stuff must require so much strength.


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I like free running a lot, though Parkour is just [email protected]@ss none the less, people have to realize that doing Parkour is friggin' dangerous on the joints and ligaments when doing it. But both styles of fitness seem to be benefitial to the body in the long run.




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Both are really amazing to watch. Some of the things people can do just floor me. It isn't something I could ever see myself doing simply because of the wear and tear on the joints, but It will always be something i will enjoy seeing other people do.


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I LOVED the first video. I started to get bored watching the second since it was the same stuff, basically. At least with the first one there was a goal.

That was insane. I can't imagine ever being able to do that stuff.


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Those are both good videos but I much prefer the first one.
The second video seems to be more about tumbling, more based on the side of gymnastics rather than getting somewhere.

Years ago when I was a kid, maybe 13/14 me and some friends like all boys were in to climbing anything that we could get a hand hold on, this in itself started be more like the first video, we could pull off somersaults and back flips while running through the town centre, off of benches and low walls.

Back then we would never had known it would be as popular as it is today, as the only name we ever heard it called was being a public menace.
Funny how things change.

The injuries when they mess up must be pretty horrific.