Discussion in 'Sports' started by rachylou, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. rachylou

    rachylou Registered Member

    I was just wondering does anyone here do parkour/free-running??

  2. yagmur3run

    yagmur3run New Member

    Now someones talking:) yeh i do parkour/free running, been training for about 2 nd half eyars now, how bout you?
  3. ParkourKid2009

    ParkourKid2009 New Member

    Sick, I been training for... 3ish years now. My best accomplishment has to be a double front in a gym. Outside tho its deffo a j-step down a 7 stair set. Tho im still not too sure about doing it again because i dont know how i did it without dying xD was epic tho.

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