Paris is burning

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  1. Hilander

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    PARIS RIOTS MAPPED: 20 no-go zones located as violence spreads ACROSS FRANCE

    PARIS ON FIRE: Riots reach capital's centre - buildings set ablaze and police attacked

    If the migrant was raped by police of course the cops responsible should be held accountable but these rioters should be also. They have already caused millions of dollars worth of damage and its still going on. It started out with older people protesting but now its mostly teenagers rioting.

    I really don't know what the French are going to do. Can't blame the police for firing live bullets at rioters since they are a major threat to them and others.

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  2. Dr4gon

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    I totally agree with Marine Le Pen:

    Hollande will probaly offer the rioters compensation after they finish torching Paris.But hey, obvious thugs are totally obvious. It's not about the criminal that got slammed - It's all about violence and looting.
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  3. CaptainObvious

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    This is what happens when you don't vet people, this is what happens when you have essentially an "open border". But explaining that to many is like trying to explain algebra to a horse.
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  4. Hilander

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    If France doesn't start getting tough on these illegals they will no longer have a country. I wonder how long French citizens will put up with nothing being done before they start leaving and not just in France either. I think this violence will give Le Pen has a good shot at winning because a majority of people are sick of it.

    @CaptainObvious you would probably have an easier time explaining algebra to a horse. At least a horse would pretend to listen and not attack you. Wouldn't start claiming you were against immigrants trying to group legal immigrants in with illegals.
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  5. Major

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    I'm confused. What does this whole thing have to do with open borders and/or illegal immigrants or refugees?
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  6. CaptainObvious

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  7. Doc

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    You didn't say it. Brietbart did and they're the only ones to say migrants from Germany are the reason for the rioting. There's literally no other source for your claim. The riots are because people aren't happy about a kid getting sodomized with a baton by the police. Most of the rioters are young adults from France.
  8. Impaired

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    Well, it is the city of lights.
  9. CaptainObvious

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    Not just Breitbart.
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  10. Doc

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    ...check the dates. Those are referencing incidents in March and October 2016 when a migrant camp in/near Paris was closed. Those migrants were not from Germany nor are they the same protesters from the OP.

    The Daily Mail and the BBC state that the majority of the refugees in the Calais Jungle are from Africa:

    Neither of your sources state that overflow migrants from Germany, or migrants at all, are responsible for the most recent rioting in Paris. The incident you're referencing was the closure of the "Calais Jungle" refugee camp that was overflowing. The majority of those individuals were moved to other camps.
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