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Paris Hilton


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It's not like she's an actress. (Unless you count her role in "House of Wax" (2005). It's not like she's a singer. (Unless you think "Stars Are Blind" is the next pop masterpiece). So... tell me... does she really have any talents?

Paris has apparently said that she wants to adopt four little blonde girls and make them famous. *Shudder* Imagine Paris with... four Paris clones! I'm very, very scared.


A Darker Knight
Well Paris' talent is to be able to bring spolight on her even though she does nothing with her life
I'll have to agree with that. There's no way an ordinary human being can do that.


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No matter how much beer or dick she sucks down, it will never fill the void in her soul.


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Yeah, first impressions are something I value. We all saw how Paris Hilton was rich, that was fine. We saw she was a party girl, that was ok from time to time because everyone parties. We saw her to be a drunken party girl, we were iffy, pretty much anything after her sex video labled her as the WORSE female role model for todays females.

You think your scared,Well in my area,Everyone is Paris Hilton(Plus males)
You have my sympathy